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Wednesday, December 19th, 2007
6:53 am - Some homework help ladies
Anyone out of state willing to let Lexy send them a gingerbread man for her homework? The assignment is to have her send it to someone out of state and have them get a postcard from their area and send back a note about what the gingerbread man did (if anything) with you. I don't have any family out of state sooooo I thought I would come to LJ to see if someone wanted to help us out. Lexy is so excited to do it but we need someone to send it to.

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Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
11:37 am - I am pretty fucking disappointed
So I am rather disappointed in most people lately. It seems like I really can't trust anyone. I asked Samantha to watch the kids for me Sunday while I drove all over hell to get US stuff (wasted nearly $80 no less.) I came home about a half an hour later and the house was DESTROYED! The kids had made a mess in their room and threw water all over the bathroom and all over the hallway walls. What the hell? This kind of thing has happened the last two times I let her watch the kids. BOTH TIMES I asked her if she could handle the kids. She said YES. I believed her and gave her the benefit of the doubt (even though I had a bad feeling since before, other people have said she can't watch the kids) and I let her do it again. It really pisses me off, Why lie to me? If you can't handle a 5 and 3 year old TELL ME. I am guessing I wouldn't want to admit to it either but for fucks sake. This is my house and my children you are disrespecting. I come in the house and the kids are running back into their rooms with the water. Where is Samantha? On my bed a few rooms away watching TV and playing on the internet. What the hell? I called her out on it and she ignored me for the most part. Just stared at the movie with a blank expression, which obviously indicates that she just didn't give a fuck. I went off. I asked her how she could sit in the room and ignore the kids? I know they make a LOT of noise when they are getting water from the bathroom and she had to have heard them in the living room. She tried to lie to me and say that she watched them do it and they laughted at her. BULLSHIT. She finally mostly admitted to being a bitch and just sitting on the bed talking to her stupid internet boyfriends. Ashton came out and told me that she told them to leave her alone. What? I mean honestly though, WHO DOES THAT? Who can't handle a 5 and 3 year old? Who lies to their friend and says they can and then SHUTS THEMSELVES IN ANOTHER ROOM AND IGNORES THEM? I am totally and completely disgusted at her lack of respect for me, my children and my home. Neglecting my kids is NOT something I am down with. It really bugs me too because they don't do shit like that for anyone else. The babysitter had no issues with them doing bad things and she is younger than Samantha is, and none of my other friends have had any issues. I assume they seem her weakness and take full advantage of it. She begs and pleads with them and they are all "LOL is this bitch serious?" and run rampant because they know there are no consequences from her and that she won't do shit other than ask them to stop once or twice and retreat to my bed to do whatever.

Grrrrr... So now I have damaged walls from her kid writing on them (and of course she won't help me clean it up. She just says Ashton did it. LOL no, my walls have been written on TWICE ever now. Once at the other house and Ryan SAW the kid doing it and then once here and its obvious from the scribble it wasn't Lexy. She writes her name and draws flowers. These are really scribbly hand drawings JUST LIKE AT THE OTHER HOUSE!), the kids PISSED all over the bathroom last time she was here and dumped all the soap in the tub. It really pisses me off because I know how much she had to be ignoring to have not noticed or taken care of any of these issues.

Then of course she is still calling Ryan and texting him about God knows what.

And my favorite is that she comes over lately, will smoke all the pot and leave nearly immediately after the drug time is done. LOL I am stupid. So fucking stupid. Only I would waste hundreds of dollars on the pot to share with someone who is so obviously retarded. Oh wells.

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Tuesday, June 12th, 2007
9:38 pm - I deleted some people
that suck


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